The Charlotte Mint Page

The Charlotte Mint Page




Introducing the Charlotte Mint Page

You wake up in the morning, knowing something just isn’t right.  Some days, you feel like you are walking in a fog, plagued with a lack of energy and mood swings.  You sometimes see groups of people talking and laughing, but when you join in, an awkward silence ensues.  There is something missing in your life, something other people have but you don’t:  knowledge of the gold coins of the Charlotte Mint.  You know you can fix this by learning about the Charlotte, Mint  and its coins, but your options are limited.  Seminars can be costly, books assume you are already a coin expert, online resources are sometimes interminably boring, and most knowledgeable Numismatists just won’t give you the time.  But I understand your pain, your feeling of being left out, your sense that there is something you really should know but don’t.  The cure is here:  The Charlotte Mint Page.

Directions for use:

The Charlotte Mint page is heavy on facts, fun to read, and has awesome photos of coins.    Read it and you will laugh, you will cry (well, maybe you won’t cry), and you will know far more than 99.99% of the population about one of the most important treasure assets in the world.  It’s also a good reference page for putting sets together, checking which coins are rarer than others, and learning how much full sets may cost to acquire over time.  This means you can come back again and again to relive the experience.  Read it once for the cure to take effect, and repeat as necessary.

No more will you wake up feeling something isn’t right.  You will go through the day in clarity and with energy.  When at a party, people will flock to you when they hear you say, “If you ever find a gold coin with a “C” on the reverse, you will have one of the rarest coins in the world.”  Nothing will be missing in your life any more…except for knowledge of the other U.S. Mints such as Dahlonega or New Orleans.  But do not fear:  those cures are also on the way, pending FDA approval of course.

Enough talk.  It’s time to enjoy:

The Charlotte Mint Page

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