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The Daholnega Mint


 Your resource for Gold Coins from Dahlonega, Georgia 1838-1861


In 1828, a young hunter named Bennie Parks wandered through the woods of North Georgia in search of venison.  Instead, he discovered what would amount to a fortune in gold.  It was just waiting for those willing to put in the hard work necessary to get it out of the ground.  The Georgia Gold Rush of 1828-1849 altered the monetary history of the United States, and the need for a local Mint to turn the high quality Georgia gold into coins was urgent.  Andrew Jackson signed a law authorizing the construction of the Dahlonega Mint, and in 1838 the first gold coins were struck.  In April of 1861 Confederate forces overran the Dahlonega Mint, and the final coin was produced that year.
Over time, nearly all Dahlonega Mint gold coins were melted, damaged,  or destroyed.  The surviving specimens are highly prized by collectors and investors who have found the coins to be an amazingly good value in relation to their rarity.  The Dahlonega Mint Page gives detail and depth to this legendary mint and the coins produced there.

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Your Resource for the Dahlonega, Georgia Mint

The Dahlonega Mint Page is your online resource for gold coins from the Dahlonega, Georgia Mint.  On this page you  will find:

  • The best ways to collect Dahlonega Mint Coins.
  • A complete list of every coin type and year minted there.
  • The various ways to collect these coins and how to build sets.
  • Price estimates on sets.
  • Estimates on how many of each set can be completed.
  • Mintages and estimates on how many coins of each date have survived.
  • Information and background on the Privately Minted coins of Templeton Reid.
  • The amazing story of the Dahlonega Mint.
  • Links to available coins for purchase.

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